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"My son has been doing only 20 minutes a day on the EZ Learning Workbook like you recommended and got 100% on his Christmas exam. Whenever he has problems with the new math curriculum he says he simply goes to the workbook. Thanks for helping my son through a difficult subject."
Father of a High School student who HAD a 40% average in Math 9, Kanata, Ontario

"At least 5 teachers in my school want EZ Learning Workbooks after Christmas to review difficult concepts and to help students learn at their own pace. As a Resource Teacher you have to be an "expert" in every subject and EZ Learning Workbooks give me a quick reference and easy to understand concepts to keep me on top of the very difficult new mathematics curriculum"
Special Education Resource Teacher, Ottawa, Ontario

"I really love the Chalk Talk and the condensed format of the Math 9 & 10 workbooks. I have recommended that all of my students purchase an EZ Learning Workbook for the new year."
Academic Math 9 & 10 Teacher, Brampton, Ontario

"The students are buying the books to give them that extra edge to improve their marks. I find that it's good students interested in improving their marks who are asking for the EZ Learning Workbooks. I ordered ten Grade 9 workbooks and ten Grade 10 workbooks when I saw that students needed some extra homework to understand difficult assignments."
Math Department Head, Sutton, Ontario

"I was so grateful that there was a supplement to the Math 9 and 10 curriculums to help bridge the gap between the teacher and my son. There are simply too many concepts to teach and very little time for teachers to spend the time necessary. These workbooks break down the learning so well that I can learn along with my son and easily help him with his homework. If an ADD child can quickly learn concepts with these workbooks I can certainly recommend EZ Learning Solutions to any parent whose child is having difficulty with the new Ontario Math curriculum. Simply put: they work and work very well!"
Father of ADD Grade 9 student with Attention Deficit Disorder

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