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The EZ Learning Solutions Study Guides and Workbooks were designed to help parents and educators to improve the performance of students and to address the issue of improving the EQAO (Education Quality and Accountability Office) assessments in Ontario. Quite a tall order, but when the overall EQAO results first came out in 2000 - 2001 a Kanata parent of an ADHD child, Terry Fletcher, decided to use his skills as a past educator and Instructional Technologist to address the problem of only 44% of Math 9 Students performing at the provincial standard.

There was a major change in the Ontario Curriculum and both students and teachers were having difficulty coping. Its tough being a parent and his goal was to help those parents with little or no math skills to bridge the gap between the classroom and the home front. He quickly realized that it wasn't enough to just send your child to school. Everyone has to help, including the parents! As a step-father of an ADHD child he wrote the first Math 9 book as a gift of love to this child and to do what ever it took to make sure that this child got through high school. In fact, he never stopped until he had produced a Math 9 Online learning solution with his persona in the form of Dr. EZ teaching the entire course, and he had also published Study Guides for Math 9 Academic/Applied, Math 9 Workbook, Math 10 Applied, Math 10 Academic, Math 10 Workbook 1, Math 10 Workbook 2, Math 11 University/College, and Math 11 University, or the complete high school series to meet the Ontario math requirements for any student to graduate from high school to higher learning.

EZ Learning Solutions Study Guides are part of a family of easy to follow and understand step by step math books designed with a "back-to-basics" approach in mind. These books greatly simplify and break down concepts to provide a guide for self study. Subsequently, they are a great tool for parents who are helping their children learn the fundamentals by providing full solutions with explanations to make learning easy and fun. Of course they are most useful for classroom teachers to lesson plan and reinforce concepts when students are having difficulty understanding. They provide a proven method of getting quick results, especially for students who have been struggling with the new math curriculums in Ontario. Concepts are explained fully, starting at basic learning levels. EZ Learning Solutions Study Guides provide extra hints to speed things along and use a tutorial style to reinforce both past and recent lessons. As students experience success, they gain confidence, and with confidence, their ability to learn improves. Using quizzes and exams, we prepare students to prove their knowledge in the classroom. Students proceed at their own speed and are tested according to the present levels taught in Ontario schools. Please note that all online learning refers to the EZ Learning Solutions study guides, as these learning gems are the crux of a complete turnkey learning process.

EZ Learning Solutions Workbooks are a series of worksheets that provide extra drill and practice to reinforce the EZ Learning Solutions Study Guides and Online learning. But in addition to providing gradually easy to more difficult problems, and unlike the traditional textbooks, the EZ Learning Solutions workbooks provide complete step by step solutions with explanations and understanding to once again continually bridge the gap between classroom learning and the home front. Parents with little understanding of math concepts will be able to help their child through even the most difficult math concepts. Recall sheets are added so that students can continue to work on worksheets with difficult concepts with these added "training wheels" to once again reinforce and review past learning. The EZ Learning workbooks can be used by parents or teachers to test concepts prior to major exams or to constantly review past learning in a systematic manner.

EZ Learning Solutions Online Learning is part of a turnkey learning model to include not only canned classroom teaching but a reinforcement to the EZ Learning Solutions Study guides and Workbooks. Dr. EZ does the teaching and Tarah, his assistant, reinforces his lessons as you progress through the study guide. The EZ Math 9 Online program combines the benefits of eLearning that include interactive exercises and audio and visual aids, with the Gemini performance based adaptive technology and EZ Learning Solutions proven step-by-step approach to learning Math. Their solutions combine ease of use, implementation, and unique Adaptive Learning. Testing, and Assessment technologies that deliver unparalleled value and learning advantages to students.

Benefits of EZ Learning Solutions Study Guides, Workbooks, & Online learning

The EZ Learning Solutions Study Aids have many versatile and dynamic uses in helping reinforce understanding of core subject curriculum. We suggest that you use our Study Aids for the following:
  • Independent Study
  • Parent/student Study
  • Reinforcing basic skills
  • Home schooling
  • Improving regular learning
  • Exam Review
  • Quick Catch-up on concepts
  • Teacher lesson preparation
  • Drill and practice

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